Fr. Ed Herberger, SVD

A missionary priest brings "water" to those he serves.

Archbishop Michael A. Blume

Happy with His Station: Archbishop grew up in South Bend, now Vatican Ambassador in Africa

Fr. Daniel Bauer, SVD

Holy Toledo! How I wound up in Taiwan.

Fr. Darrell Kelly, SVD

Mission Assembly Speech at Divine Word College

Fr. Raymond Quetchenbach, SVD

Fifty Years of Priestly Service

Fr. Michael Manning, SVD

Spreading the Word on the Airwaves

Naveen Wilson Rebello, SVD

In His Footsteps: A young man struggles to tell his parents his plans for the seminary

Fr. Thang Cao Hoang, SVD

Listening to others is the lesson I've learned

Fr. Herman Emilio Manuel, SVD

Community life is learning to live with others

Fr. Michael Quang Nguyen, SVD

Searching for Oneself a Way

Fr. Frank Tinajero, SVD

Bringing hope to the imprisoned

Bishop Terry Steib, SVD

My Call, My Ministry

Bro. Bernie Spitzley, SVD

The Breath of Life - An Easter Miracle

Beacons of HOPE in Thailand

Written by Bro. Dennis Newton, SVD

Fr. Toan Vu, SVD

Missionary in Ecuador

Fr. Dave Mayer, SVD

The Japanese Mission of an SVD Educator - A Veteran Missionary shares his experience

Fr. Benigno P. Beltran, SVD

Conversion to “Silicon Mountain”

Fr. Maciej Malicki, SVD

Facing My Fears

Fr. Bang Tran, SVD

A Cultural Lesson

Ariel Tampus, SVD

First Grade, Second Time

Anthony An Cong Nguyen, SVD

After Three Months in the Mission Field

Fr. Alan Jenkins, SVD

From Hidalgo to Mexico City - DWC Alumnus Shares his Mexican Mission

Fr. Tom Ascheman, SVD

SVD Mission

Fr. John Hung Le, SVD

Overcoming Obstacles, Climbing Mountains

Bro. Rodney Bowers, SVD

New Novice Director reflects on time at DWC

Fr. Paul LaForge, SVD

A lifetime of learning

Fr. Matheus Bitin Ro, SVD

Mission is right where you are

Fr. Adam MacDonald, SVD

Relationship is the force behind ministry

Bro. Steve Pardy, SVD

Dayenu – My Reflection on 50 Years in Vows

Bro. Jim Zabransky, SVD

Knowing I've made a difference is very rewarding

Bro. Mike Decker, SVD

My Call and Ministry as a Religious Brother

A Few Good Men

The Brotherhood of the Society of the Divine Word

Fr. Anthony Duc Le, SVD

Making Jesus known

Fr. Gregory Kubowicz, SVD

New Evangelization in Yendi – Using the Cassettes and Radio

Fr. Long Phi Nguyen, SVD

Living his passion

Michal Tomaszewski, SVD

Ministry in Papua New Guinea part of preparation for priesthood

Bro. Bernie Spitzley, SVD

The mystery and gift of Brotherhood

Bishop Jose Luiz Bertanha, SVD

Where have all the Catholics gone?

He Will Walk With You

Bro. Rodney Bowers guides novices

Brother Paul Bongcaras, SVD

Following His Heart, Not the Rules

Bro. Martin Tnines, SVD

Grassroots Anthropologist

Bro Tarcisus de Ruyter, SVD

Just call me "Brother"

Brother Bela Lanyi SVD

One Body, Many Members: A General Assembly on the Brother’s Vocation

Huy Tran

An Eye on the Horizon

Bro. Yosep Undung, SVD

Vocation to Brotherhood: A Shining Star that Never Dims

Intercommunity Novitiate Program

A Meeting of Minds—Novices Compare Notes

Two Historic Divine Word Missionary Brothers: One a Martyr

Two SVD brothers beatified in the Catholic Church

Fransiskus Santoso

A Desire to Give Back

Fr. Richard Daschbach, SVD

The Wise Course Is Not Always the Best Course

Fr. Anderson Luis de Souza, SVD

My Vocation as a Missionary Priest

Fr. Bartlomiej Jasilek, SVD

Coming to America

Fr. Simon Hoang, SVD

People of God deserve the best of you

Fr. Max Manu, SVD

Muslims and Catholics Work Together on Flores

Fr. Philip Gibbs, SVD

To the Ends of the Earth

The Changing Role of the Brother Vocation

Brothers featured in Divine Word Missionaries Magazine

Bro. Xavier Eshman, SVD

The Founder's Vision Becomes Reality

Bro. Gary Burr, SVD

He Did it All

Bro. Jim Fisher, SVD

A Brother Within the African America Community

Fr. Herman Manuel, SVD

Ministry among the Indians

Jean Chrysostome Kiyala, SVD

Doing What We Can: One Parish Responds to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic

Fr. Long Phi Nguyen, SVD

Serving the needs in Chile

Fr. Valan Arockiasamy SVD

Ship to Shore - My Ministry to Sefarers

Fr. German Mehler, SVD

Restoring Beauty, Restoring Hope

Francis Budenholzer, SVD

Catholic Education: An Important Ministry in Asia-Oceania

Fr. Robert Reimer, SVD

The Catholic University - A Missionary Enterprise

Fr. Mathew Chennakudy, SVD

A Testimony to the Holy Spirit

Fr. Roger Schroeder, SVD

Interreligious Dialogue

Bro. Guy Mazola Mido, SVD

First African Brother on Society’s General Council

Brother Stillfried Wahl, SVD

One Man Can Make a Difference

Bro. David Cao, SVD

Discerning the path to brotherhood

Bro. Vinh Trinh, SVD

A Man of Many Skills

Bro. Duy-Linh Tran, SVD

Following the path to brotherhood

Fr. Tam Nguyen, SVD

Back in the classroom

Bro. Bernie Spitzley, SVD

The Biblical Apostolate and Collaboration with the Laity

Bro. Jim Mullen, SVD

Becoming a Divine Word Missionary

Fr. Mark Weber, SVD

Mission Theology Today

Fr. Frank Power, SVD

What God does is well done

Anthony Duc Le

The Desire to Serve

Asuncion Vazquez, SVD

Language learning is the first order of business

Archbishop John Barwa, SVD

Visiting SVD shares thoughts on peace between religions

Joseph Musisi

DWC Senior on Mission

Fr. Jose Boeing, SVD

Peace and justice work on the Amazon

Bro. Jerzy Kuzma, SVD

Healing Hearts, Binding Wounds

You've come a long way Brother

They've answered the call

Giang Nguyen, SVD

Divine Word College’s FAN Club Offers a Taste of CTP

Come and See

A Step in the Discernment and Admission Process

Bro. Don Champagne, SVD

First responder of Christ

Fr. Stan Uroda, SVD

Lessons from Ghana

Cross-cultural Training Program

CTP: Test drive for a missionary's journey

The Brother’s Contribution

Seventy-Five years in Ghana

Fr. Florencio Lagura, SVD

A welcome return to the classroom

Jonas Asuncion Vazquez, SVD

Living with the Konkombas

Fr. Bob Johnson, SVD

There's something about these SVDs

Fr. Stephan Brown, SVD

Campus Missionary

Bro. Larry Kieffer, SVD

Bellevue, Iowa, Native Thrives as an SVD Missionary

Jonas Asuncion Vazquez, SVD

Ministering in the Witch Camps in Northern Ghana

Bro. DuyLinh Tran, SVD

Vocation Agents

Bro. Brian McLauchlin, SVD

Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation

John-John Hoang Nguyen

Learning and Growing at Christ the King Mission Seminary

Raymond Akumbilim Asagdem, SVD

CTP: The Experience of Learning a New Language and Culture

Fr. Khien Luu, SVD

A Return to Parish Ministry

Fr. Chacko Parekatt, SVD

My Vocation Story

Fr. Nick Hien Nguyen, SVD

Spiritual Journey to Steyl