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Join Divine Word Missionary priests and brothers in Jamaica and spend a week serving the poor.

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Divine Word Missionaries

The road to becoming a Divine Word Missionary is a challenging, yet joyful one that includes education, formation, prayer and cross-cultural training. Here are the steps you’ll take on your journey.

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Is God Calling You?

How do I know for sure if God is calling me to religious life as a priest or brother? The answer to this question is not easy, but here are six things that may help.

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Charism and Spirituality

As missionaries, members live out God’s call to follow in His footsteps, exemplifying His life, as His disciples.

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What's it like to Profess Vows?

Hoang Quang 'John John' Nguyen added 'SVD' to his name. Find out how he feels about achieving this milestone in his vocational journey.

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Who We Are

Divine Word Missionaries preach the Gospel and share the Word of God by living, working, teaching, and sharing with others in many areas of global ministry. We are the largest international missionary congregation in the Catholic Church. Our mission is "a giving of ourselves to others."


Is God Calling You

Feeling called to vowed religious life? We are here to help you figure it all out and walk with you on an amazing journey.

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Come and See

There's no better way to get to know us than to come and see for yourself! Visit an SVD formation house and get a taste of life as an SVD candidate.

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Community Living

One joy of life as a Divine Word Missionary is community life. Each group is intentionally formed to be inter-cultural and inter-generational.

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The Divine Word Theologate community is divided into small communities that live and pray together. They share meals daily.

a vibrant community of support and learning

The Divine Word Theologate shares its story through new video production

It's really a community effort! Several SVD in temporary and final vows combined their talents to produce an informational video. And, since SVDs come in many languages, the video can be viewed in English, Spanish and Vietnamese!

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