Fr. Dilip K. Soreng, SVD

The vocation to religious life is a gift and a Grace

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Chin Pham Pics (2) copy.jpg

Fr. Chinh Pham, SVD

Feeding the flock

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Fred Timp Pics -Headshot.jpg

Fr. Fred Timp, SVD

A life of service and fulfillment

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Huller, SVD, Fr. Laurensius, Luliyan copy.jpg

Fr. Laurensius Huller, SVD

Nothing shocks me. I'm a missionary.

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John Yangia headshot.jpg

Fr. John Yangia, SVD

Young priest takes on new role

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Clement-Baffoe headshot.jpg

Fr. Clement Baffoe, SVD

Reflections on first year of priesthood

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Shiju Paul headshot.jpg

Fr. Shiju Paul, SVD

A missionary in South Sudan

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Fr. Maxwell Wullar headshot.jpg

Fr. Maxwell Wullar, SVD

Trusting God's Plan


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Frank Tinajero Pics (8) headshot.jpg

Fr. Frank Tinajero, SVD

Mission animation in prison ministry

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