Bishop Tim Norton, SVD

Divine Word Missionaries serving as bishops

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Fr. Raymundus Wea, SVD

Hospital chaplaincy reveals the real presence of God

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Fr. Sam Cunningham, SVD

Counseling ministry reaches people on the margins

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Fr. Michael Quang Nguyen, SVD

Conversion in the desert

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Fr. Ignacio Estrada, SVD

Serving as a priest-chaplain at a VA medical center

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Fr. Giang Nguyen, SVD

Lessons from a mission in Mozambique

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Fr. Ruel Flores Lero, SVD

Education with a mission

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Alex Rodlach - 2A.jpg

Fr. Alex Rodlach, SVD

Mission meets medical anthropology

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Herman Manuel headshot.jpg

Fr. Herman Manuel, SVD

Ministering Among Native Americans

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