Theologate: The Theologate program is an important step of formation for candidates. Located in Chicago, members in temporary vows live in community and attend graduate classes at Catholic Theological Union. 

Fr. Stephan Brown, SVD, speaks about his journey to the priesthood and the need for young people to listen for God's call.

Fr. Stephan is the pastor at St. Augustine Catholic Parish in Memphis, Tennesee. 

Built to Last: Fr. Huy Tran, SVD, dreamed of teaching computer skills to his parishoners in Chad, Africa. He did and built a program that will continue even after he moves on. 

Frater First: Frt. Hoang Quang Nguyen, SVD, just professed first vows, becoming one of the newest members of the SVD. How is he feeling about this new step in his journey? 


No electricity? No problem: Fr. Huy Tran, SVD, brought computer education to central Africa without the traditional electricity.

Invitation & Welcome: Fr. Tom Ascheman, SVD, describes the spirituality of Divine Word Missionary priests and brothers.

Isn't it Rich: Bro. Guy Mazola, SVD, General Councilor, visits from Rome and describes his impressions of the culture of Divine Word College-Epworth.

Charism: Fr. Mark Weber, SVD, explains the unique aspect of living interculturally and the charism of the SVD.

Mission Experience: Frt. Trieu Cao, SVD, completed his CTP in Bolivia. Living and working in South America deepened his vocation to become a missionary priest.

Drawn to Mission: Charles Anthony Moat, Jr. spent several years in the military before actively discerning a vocation as a Catholic Missionary priest. 

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