Divine Word Missionary priests and brothers are working in more than 80 countries around the globe. You’ve heard of the frozen continent of Antarctica? OK, we’re not there, but we are on every other continent, going where the people are, living in and becoming one with their cultures.

Divine Word Missionaries share the Word of God with those who may not have heard the Good News and live the lessons of the Gospels by serving some of the most underprivileged of God’s children.

Look among the people living on one of the world’s largest garbage dumps, “Smokey Mountain” near Manila, Philippines, and you’ll find a Divine Word Missionary priest helping them to live more viable and sustainable lives.

Visit the Mother of Perpetual Help Center in Nong Bua Lamphu, Thailand, and watch a group of Divine World Missionary brothers working with young victims of HIV/AIDS who are otherwise shunned by their families and society.

Travel to a mountain village in Peru and watch a Divine Word Missionary priest meet with prayer groups and youth groups as he helps them build community within their parishes.

Or go to inner city Chicago or Memphis and find Divine Word Missionaries leading diverse parish communities who benefit from their guidance and faith-filled support.

Other Divine Word Missionaries teach in schools, from open-air classrooms in Africa to any one of the many SVD universities and research institutions around the world. Still others take an active role in running the world’s largest Catholic missionary order by working in such areas as operations, publishing, finance and administration.

Where Do You Fit?

The ministries of the SVD are many and varied. Perhaps there is that one special ministry where God is calling you.

If you have just a few moments, read some of their stories on mission. These Divine Word Missionary priests and brothers will share their lives and ministries with you so you can learn about the joys and challenges of missionary life.

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