As Divine Word Missionary priests and brothers, we are men of prayer and faith who touch the lives of God’s children through countless ministries around the world.

We minister to the pastoral and sacramental needs of parish communities from the mountains of Chile to the bush lands of Togo to inner city Chicago. You will find us introducing sustainable land practices to return damaged farm soil to productive use in Congo. You’ll find us easing the pain of the impoverished, disabled and under privileged, from orphans in India to HIV-AIDS victims and the forgotten elderly in Thailand.

We teach in schools, colleges and universities and enrich the world’s knowledge at SVD research centers. We lift the hearts of God’s children by glorifying His name through our publications and works of music and art. Divine Word Missionaries are healthcare professionals in large urban hospitals as well as in remote, rural clinics. We support families through youth and adult services and counseling.

As God the Father sent his Son to walk among us and reveal His path of good works and righteousness; our ministries are a means for us to follow his path and be Christ-like to each other and to people of other countries, cultures and traditions. Not only do we reach out to the poor and marginalized, but to faith seekers, those who have no faith community and those of different religious traditions and secular ideologies.

Divine Word Missionary teaching in a classroom

By welcoming, understanding, and accepting the rich cultural diversity of the world, we can best walk the path of Jesus as his disciples, and fulfill the words expressed in the preamble to our SVD Constitutions:

"He made the goodness and kindness of God visible in his life and service to all."

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