Discernment & Formation

Your journey to become a Divine Word Missionary priest or brother begins with discernment and formation, a process of personal reflection, prayer and instruction.

This is an opportunity for you to explore your deepest feelings and to discover if God is calling you to religious life. If you do feel called to be a Catholic missionary priest or brother, this journey can enrich your prayer life and self-reflection, while you meet others in a shared experience of faith, community, study, service…and yes…fun!

You will also have the opportunity to regularly meet Divine Word Missionaries with many years of ministry experience, who will gladly share their stories with you. They were where you are, and can enrich your discernment and formation experience in a very personal way—by relating to you their faith journey and their experiences as Divine Word Missionaries.

Through discernment and formation, you will:

  • Take part in activities which help you discover how God is working in your life.
  • Live in community with men who are also in the process of discovering God’s plan for their lives.
  • Learn about yourself and grow in your relationship with God and others.
  • Develop knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for missionary ministry.

A religious life journey through discernment and formation will be life changing as you explore your inner most self while reaching out in faith to God, in your search to discover His plan for you.

This is an opportunity to find out who you are while helping you answer that all-important question—is God calling me to religious life as a missionary priest or brother?

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