Formation is for those who want to take the next steps toward answering God’s call to religious life.

There are five SVD formation programs, each designed for the stages of your journey. Each adds a little more to your understanding of religious life while providing insight into the unique aspects of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD).

Formation is an important part in your discernment process, and offers a tremendous opportunity for personal development. It allows you to grow spiritually and emotionally, step by step, as you gain greater insight into religious and community life. It also helps you to prepare for a commitment to serve God’s people as a Divine Word Missionary priest or brother.

Five SVD Formation Programs

Undergraduate Formation

Divine Word College in Epworth, Iowa, is the only Roman Catholic college seminary in the United States with the primary mission of educating missionaries. While earning an undergraduate degree, each SVD candidate joins a program which focuses on five areas of formation: Human, Spiritual, Intellectual, Intercultural and Missionary Ministry.

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Associate Formation

Young men who already have a college degree enroll in the Associate Formation Program. They enter formation to experience community life, continue their academic preparation and participate in ministry.

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Novitiate Formation

The Divine Word Novitiate is located in Techny, Illinois, north of Chicago. Candidates spend a year in prayer, reflection and study of our religious community as they focus more intensely on discernment and the answer to their question: "Is God calling me to missionary life?"

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Brother Formation

Brothers in temporary vows live in a religious community in the Chicago area, participate in ministry and/or attend a college or university to further their education.

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Theologate Formation

Located in Chicago, the Divine Word Theologate is the residence for SVD seminarians who are completing the graduate program in theological education and ministry formation at Catholic Theological Union (CTU) in preparation for ordination.

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