Truong An Nguyen

Persistance pays off for DWC senior

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World Day of Prayer for Vocations

What exactly is a vocation? 

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Figueroa, Bro. Dario - 02.jpg

Bro. Dario Figueroa, SVD

All I had was a soccer ball

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Fr. Sam Cunningham, SVD

Counseling ministry reaches people on the margins

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SVD Mission Expansion - Fr. Tuyen Nguyen SVD mission in Myanmar headshot.jpg

SVD Mission Expansion

Choosing new ministry sites is a thoughtful and deliberate process. 

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Missionaries in Ukraine

SVD and SSpS serve people ravaged by war.

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NGO promotes dignity, human rights

VIVAT International is a collaboration among 12 religious congregations united in a singular mission. 

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Frt. Derek Nguyen, SVD

Missionary life a chance to give back

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Fr. Raymundus Wea, SVD

Hospital chaplaincy reveals the real presence of God

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Fr. Michael Quang Nguyen, SVD

Conversion in the desert

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Frt. Carl Gales, SVD

Overseas training cut short by COVID-19

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Zetino, Jorge_REPLACEMENTsw.jpg

Frt. Jorge Zetino, SVD

Unexpected lessons

Seminarian training abroad adapts during global crisis

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Fr. Ruel Flores Lero, SVD

Education with a mission

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Living our Missionary charism in San Diego’s Missions Office

by Fr. Soney Sebastian, SVD

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Bro. Carlos Montero, SVD

Finding God in an unexpected place. . . 

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Patrick Kofi Kodom headshot.jpg

Fr. Patrick Kofi Kodom, SVD

Work with refugees and migrants is our mission

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Fu Jen University

A history written by Fr. Dan Bauer, SVD

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Fr. Pierre Tevi Benissan, SVD

Mission in the Caribbean reveals island cultures as diverse as inhabitants

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Sam Lollar

Almost Heaven, West Virginia

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Till, SVD, Bro. Wayne 02.jpg

Bro. Wayne Till, SVD

He Did Small Things with Great Love


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Frt. Giresse-Mecene Etung, SVD

The street children in the Congo

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Fr. Dan Bauer, SVD

The wide reach of education ministry

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Fr. Kornelius Nika, SVD

SVD priest goes from formator to student

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Fr. George Angmor, SVD

Ghana missionary living a rich life

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Fr. Carlos Macatangga, SVD

Celebrating diversity

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Bob Kelly, SVD

Daily Doses of Hope

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Akizou Gerard Kamina, SVD

Not only to evangilize, but to BE evangilized

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Fr. Marcelo Becchi Martins, SVD

Sharing Life and our SVD Mission

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You've come a long way Brother!

SVD Brothers long and proud history

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Martin Vu headshot.jpg

Frt. Martin Vu, SVD

Spiritual Awakening

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Bro. Pius Agyemang, SVD

Through Brotherhood, God reveals great talent

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Ronaldo Oliveira Pics (5).jpg

Ronaldo Oliveira, SVD

Following god's Call

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Do, Hoang Duy Khanh 04.jpg

Hoang Do

My New Beginning at Divine Word College

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Fr. Giang Nguyen, SVD

Lessons from a mission in Mozambique

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Divine Word University in PNG

Fr. Philip Gibbs, SVD, shares his experience of becoming the President of Divine Word University in Paupa New Guinea.

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Fr. Ignacio Estrada, SVD

Serving as a priest-chaplain at a VA medical center

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profile photo for story.jpg

The Educational Apostolate of Divine Word Missionaries

by Fr. Mark Weber, SVD

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food pantry.jpg

Coronavirus Response

SVD parish expands food pantry

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Fr. Bob Kisala, SVD

SVD university in Japan gives students a Christian worldview

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Salmon, SVD, Frt. Engelbert.jpg

Frt. Engelbertus Salmon, SVD

Overcoming uncertainty to answer God’s call

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Taal volcanosm.jpg

Providing aid in times of crisis

Responding to the Taal Volcano eruption

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Bowman Francis Ministry

Recharging faith and honoring African culture

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Fr. Omir Cicero Antonio de Oliveira, SVD

God Called Me to be a Missionary

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Bro. Mike Decker, SVD

Always do your best

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Martin Herrera

Getting the Hint: God’s Little Clues to His Call

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An Nguyen

A novitiate experience

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Fr. Nicolas Makolo, SVD

Biblical Transmissions in Kinshasa

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Spitzley, Bernie 09_sized.jpg

Bro. Bernie Spitzley

"A Jamaican Field of Dreams"

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Anthony Duc Le.jpg

Fr. Anthony Duc Le

The Desire to Serve

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Bishop Terry Steib

Fiftieth Anniversary of my Priesthood

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Bro. Ron Fratzke

Growing up, Ron Fratzke of Jesup, Iowa, figured out early what he wanted to do with his life…sort of.

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Intercommunity Novitiate Program

A meeting of minds -- Novices compare notes

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30 Day Retreat

The long silence: Finding Jesus in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

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Marco Antonio headshot.jpg

Marco Antonio, SVD

Growing in my religious vocation

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Frt. Minh Dinh, SVD

Finding Meaning with Mother Mary on CTP

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Fr. Sonny DeClass, SVD

The World is My Parish - Reconnecting with friends from Angola

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Scripture and the Discernment Process

Fr. Tim Lenchak, SVD, cites passages referencing a call from God

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Shiju Paul headshot.jpg

Fr. Shiju Paul, SVD

Transformational Encounters

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Herman Manuel headshot.jpg

Fr. Herman Manuel, SVD

Ministering Among Native Americans

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Fr. Avin Kunnekkadan, SVD

Industrial accident leads to new purpose in life

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Jerzy Kuzma - 5.jpg

Bro. Jerzy Kuzma

Doctor first - Brother always

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Zetino, Jorge_REPLACEMENTsw.jpg

Jorge Zetino, SVD

Know thy desires - Reflections of Novitiate

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Minh Dinh, SVD

CTP Portugal: The Land of Hope

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Bishop Tim Norton, SVD

Divine Word Missionaries serving as bishops

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Notable missionaries headshot.jpg

Notable SVD Missionaries

Divine Word Missionaries who have left their mark on history.

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Missionary Spirit Cultivated in SVD Parishes

Divine Word Missionaries encourage service among parishoners.

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Lay Partners Help Carry Out the Mission

Divine Word Missionaries dedicate their lives to serving God’s people, but they can’t do it alone.

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Centennial of Education

Celebrating a century of educating African American missionaries

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Alex Rodlach - 2A.jpg

Fr. Alex Rodlach, SVD

Mission meets medical anthropology

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Smith, Zachary_headshotsw.jpg

Zachary Smith, SVD

Prayerful Priority

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Friday Onoja

Seminarian follows his faith, learns to lead

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Consecrated Life

What does it mean to live a consecrated life?

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Smith Twins Pic (2).jpg

Frs. Charles and Chester Smith

Iron is Shaped by Iron

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Bro. Tarcisius de Ruyter

When asked his name, he says, "Just call me brother."

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Fr Joe Tri.jpg

Fr. Joseph Tri Vu

An Historic Journey

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Fransiskus Santoso, SVD

Preparing for real life on mission

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Raymond - Photo - headshot.jpg

Raymond Akumbilim Asagdem, SVD

CTP: The experience of learning a new language and culture

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Parekatt Chacko 2015 (2).jpg

Fr. Chacko Parekatt

My Vocation Story

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Wordnet Productions communicating through apps

iGod app brings daily scripture to your cell phone

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Fr. Sam Cunningham, SVD

A life described as "Going with the flow."

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Bro. Mat Zemel, SVD

Building with financial decisions rather than a hammer and nails

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Bro. Jairo Godinho Guimarães, SVD

My Call to be a Divine Word Missionary

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Bowers, Rodneyheadshotprofile.jpg

Bro. Rodney Bowers, SVD

Teacher, rector, novice master.

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Fr. Lan Tu Luong, SVD

SVD Fundraising Felt in Paraguay

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Fr. Gus Wall, SVD

A unique SVD path: Parish Ministry in the United States

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Bishop Michael Blume

Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty

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Frt. Thinh Ngo, SVD

Summer of Transformation

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Sam Lollar

From the military to the seminary

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Fr. Gus Wall, SVD

A unique SVD path: Parish Ministry in the United States

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Fr. Huy Tran, SVD

Overcoming obstacles and paving a new path

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Fr. Shiju photo 3crop.jpg

Syro-Malabar Catholics

Lent looks different for this Eastern Catholic tradition.

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Kieffer, SVD, Bro. Larry.jpg

Bro. Larry Kieffer, SVD

Forty-six Years With the People of PNG

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Bro. Guy Mazola

First African brother on the Society's General Council

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Christian Castro

Getting to know myself, getting to know my faith

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