Ronaldo Oliveira Pics (5).jpg

Ronaldo Oliveira, SVD

Following god's Call

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Nguyen, SVD, Deacon Bau (3).jpg

Deacon Bau Nguyen, SVD

Out of Love for his Dad

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Frt. Minh Dinh, SVD

Finding Meaning with Mother Mary on CTP

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Wilken Fevrier headshot).jpg

Wilken Fevrier

A Day-to-Day Journey Toward God

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Frt. Thinh Ngo, SVD

Summer of Transformation

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Tomerot Lambert

Mission Jamaica: Discovering Unity in Diversity

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Marco Antonio headshot.jpg

Marco Antonio, SVD

Growing in my religious vocation

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Getting Real in Guadalajara

Brian Junkes & Tomerot Lambert's summer in Mexico strengthens vocation

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Ben Le - Pic 6.jpg

Benjamin Le, SVD

The Hungry Children of Las Islas de Esmeraldas

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