Fr. Avin Kunnekkadan, SVD

Industrial accident leads to new purpose in life

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Fr. Huy Tran, SVD

Overcoming obstacles and paving a new path

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Shiju Paul headshot.jpg

Fr. Shiju Paul, SVD

Transformational Encounters

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Bob Kelly, SVD

Daily Doses of Hope

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Fr. Marcelo Becchi Martins, SVD

Sharing Life and our SVD Mission

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Fr. Omir Cicero Antonio de Oliveira, SVD

God Called Me to be a Missionary

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Fr. Lan Tu Luong, SVD

SVD Fundraising Felt in Paraguay

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Fr. Sonny DeClass, SVD

The World is My Parish - Reconnecting with friends from Angola

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Cristovoa - headshot.jpg

Fr. Cristovao Goncalves da Silva, SVD

God Called, I Answered

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