Bro. Jairo Godinho Guimarães

My Call to be a Divine Word Missionary

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Bro. Pius Agyemang

Through Brotherhood, God reveals great talent

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Bro. Ron Fratzke

Growing up, Ron Fratzke of Jesup, Iowa, figured out early what he wanted to do with his life…sort of.

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Bro. Mat Zemel

Building with financial decisions rather than a hammer and nails

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Bro. Dan Holman

Brother, by design

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Bro. Guy Mazola

First African brother on the Society's General Council

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Bowers, Rodneyheadshotprofile.jpg

Bro. Rodney Bowers

Teacher, rector, novice master.

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Bro. Pat Hogan

Right Man, Right Time, Right Place.

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Jerzy Kuzma - 5.jpg

Bro. Jerzy Kuzma

Doctor first - Brother always

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