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God calls many to religious life, including those of us in our late 20s or early 30s. If you have already earned a BA degree, the Associate Program offers you a chance to respond to your call to be a Divine Word Missionary priest or brother.

The Associate Program is a pre-novitiate formation program that lasts from one to two years and is required before you can apply for the Novitiate in Techny, Ill. During that time, you will live with other candidates and with Divine Word Missionaries from around the world.

Whether a priesthood or brotherhood candidate, you will live in a multi-cultural community and participate in necessary prerequisite education, such as theology, philosophy and cross-cultural missionary preparation classes.You will also participate in ministry during the program. While most Associate Program candidates live at Divine Word College, others may live at the Divine Word Theologate on Chicago’s Southside depending on their educational background.

The Associate Program is a flexible effort to accommodate young men who have earned a BA degree, and perhaps followed a different vocation or career path. In the process, we get to know each other. We learn about you and you learn about us. Once completed, you can apply to the Novitiate at Techny where you will have a year to deeply discern your religious vocation. At the end of that year, you will have the opportunity to join the SVD by taking your First Vows and continue your education and your faith journey as a member of the Society of the Divine Word.

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